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What is ECBSD ?

ECBSD is a set of graphical tools written in Qt especially made for an easy configuration and installation of NetBSD.
At the moment it consists of the following applications:
  • ecbsdnetconfig: it's a tool used to configure network interfaces, host name, gateway, DNS, etc.
  • ecbsdpackages: an utility to install and uninstall pkgsrc packages, from a binary or building from source.
  • ecbsdpanel: a simple graphical interface used to launch ECBSD applications as root with kdesu with simple clicks.
  • ecbsdxconfig: very basic configuration of XFree86 using the configuration file created by X -configure.
  • ecbsdinstall: graphical installer with basic partitioning capabilities - it can't create partitions yet-.
  • ecbsdinitialconfig: basic system configuraton to set root's password and add a user.
All these tools are included in a live and installable NetBSD iso that I will send under demand whoever until I had a web space to publish it.

To download up-to-dated source code and binaries using CVS:

# cvs login [enter]
# cvs -z6 co -P ECBSD

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